Explore your potential

How long does a dancer’s career last? I am always ready to answer or debunk any Ballet stereotypes, however this line of questioning – longevity, security and stability of a dancer’s career – leaves me shrugging my shoulders. There is no ‘one-size fits all’ and there is no manual instruction leaflet. However, there is anContinue reading “Explore your potential”


If Season 2020 wasn’t eventful enough…Vienna was shook by terrorist attacks, Monday 2nd of November at 8pm. The eve of the second lockdown; this Monday night was an opportunity to grab a last ‘after-work’ drink, the daily beer and meal out with friends. For the innocent victims, this really was the last time. In aContinue reading “02112020”

Art Matters

Take a moment and try to imagine what life would be like without the Arts… it’s almost as incomprehensible as trying to imagine how we ever got through life without GPSs and Google Maps. Without having to set foot in a museum or a theatre, we are constantly surrounded by the influence of ‘the Arts’.Continue reading “Art Matters”

Fit, Fitter, CrossFit-Chris

As the Gyms in Vienna have unlocked their doors, we can pause Pamela Reif’s workout, and finally start moving some iron again. Coming out of lock-down, is the perfect time to restart our 2020 New Years resolutions, and we may as well start with a new fitness lifestyle. If you haven’t heard of CrossFit…then whereContinue reading “Fit, Fitter, CrossFit-Chris”

Caffeine Dealers

Slowly but surely, we are coming out of our lock-down lives and shuffling back into a somewhat familiar reality.  What better way to wake us up into reality, like a good cup of coffee.  These days, most people have a fancy machine in the kitchen, which only requires the press of a button to produceContinue reading “Caffeine Dealers”

The White Cat

‘CATS’ the musical, is the new sold out production at the Ronacher Theatre in Vienna.  Andrew Lyod-Webber’s ‘Cats’, based on T. S. Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats, is one of the most famous and successful musicals of all time; which is why Vienna’s cultural scene was more than excited to welcome this iconicContinue reading “The White Cat”