Vague — ganism

The ‘Vegan’ movement has definitely been a very debatable topic over the past few years. Whether you see it as just a ‘trend’ or a new way of life that everyone should adapt to – it has definitely been a hot topic across the media and has especially sparked curiosity in the younger generations. It’sContinue reading “Vague — ganism”

KNEE-dless to say, James can walk again.

From a young age, the idea of ‘dancing through pain’, is somehow subconsciously installed into dancers’ minds.  This is a whole other level of FOMO (fear of missing out).  From personal experiences, I have come recognize the irrationals fears that we, as dancers, tend to have when our bodies are signaling us to slow downContinue reading “KNEE-dless to say, James can walk again.”

Tinderella Diaries

I have a love-hate relationship with Tinder. I’m that type of person that would rant about how superficial this form of dating is, how disrespectful some of the guys are,and how much of a time waster it is. Saying all of that, I have been swiping since 2014. I have deleted it because of disgustContinue reading “Tinderella Diaries”

Fit, Fitter, CrossFit-Chris

As the Gyms in Vienna have unlocked their doors, we can pause Pamela Reif’s workout, and finally start moving some iron again. Coming out of lock-down, is the perfect time to restart our 2020 New Years resolutions, and we may as well start with a new fitness lifestyle. If you haven’t heard of CrossFit…then whereContinue reading “Fit, Fitter, CrossFit-Chris”

Caffeine Dealers

Slowly but surely, we are coming out of our lock-down lives and shuffling back into a somewhat familiar reality.  What better way to wake us up into reality, like a good cup of coffee.  These days, most people have a fancy machine in the kitchen, which only requires the press of a button to produceContinue reading “Caffeine Dealers”

#Moments in Lockdown

In difficult times, we are often blinded by the negativity and pessimism of the situation. We have all had first hand experiences in the recent months, constantly being harassed by distressing media coverage and world leaders generating fear and uncertainty. Even the usual ‘small talk’ about the weather has also been replaced with talks ofContinue reading “#Moments in Lockdown”

The White Cat

‘CATS’ the musical, is the new sold out production at the Ronacher Theatre in Vienna.  Andrew Lyod-Webber’s ‘Cats’, based on T. S. Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats, is one of the most famous and successful musicals of all time; which is why Vienna’s cultural scene was more than excited to welcome this iconicContinue reading “The White Cat”

The Live-Stream Solution

When there is a will, there is a way; and we have found ways thanks to the magic of the internet and live streaming technologies. I don’t have to remind anyone of the difficult and unprecedented situation that we have all found ourselves in and I believe that the best way to deal with theContinue reading “The Live-Stream Solution”

A Quarantined Life

Don’t worry, this is not another blog post about ‘What to do during Coronavirus social-distancing’. I find myself regularly Googling for ideas to keep myself sane, therefore, I don’t consider myself qualified to be giving out advice. Every ‘What to do when you’re bored- list’, that I have read, is more or less the same,Continue reading “A Quarantined Life”