Explore your potential

How long does a dancer’s career last? I am always ready to answer or debunk any Ballet stereotypes, however this line of questioning – longevity, security and stability of a dancer’s career – leaves me shrugging my shoulders. There is no ‘one-size fits all’ and there is no manual instruction leaflet. However, there is anContinue reading “Explore your potential”

Part Two – Reflecting on my time at vocational Ballet School – nature or Nurture?

Weekends gave us a moment of normality; usually only a modest 24 hours. Saturday morning Ballet class would generally be a combined boys and girls class, which helped for a more easy-going atmosphere. Saturday mornings were just one of the many scenarios, where I learned to be fast, organized and time efficient. Class was followedContinue reading “Part Two – Reflecting on my time at vocational Ballet School – nature or Nurture?”

Reflecting on my time at Ballet School – nature or nurture? Part 1

Part 1 In this two part post, I share a personal reflection on my time at White Lodge. This accounts solely to my own experiences and with a great help from retrospect and self-reflection. I have incredible gratitude for the opportunity that I had, however I feel that it is important to share an openContinue reading “Reflecting on my time at Ballet School – nature or nurture? Part 1”

The Injured Mindset

A sudden onset of pain is a scary moment for any dancer.  Pain is part of the game in many respects but as dancers, we have to learn to identify the difference between ‘normal-pain’ and ‘needs-medical-attention-pain’.  I think our bodies are very good at naturally and instinctively identifying these differences, however, dancers have a tendencyContinue reading “The Injured Mindset”

Overlooking Happiness in Dance

In broad terms; success is something you spend your lifetime looking for and happiness is something you spend your whole life overlooking. Rasheed Ogunlaru To become a ‘real-life-ballerina’, was my childhood dream which very quickly snowballed into a passionate career path  which I am proud and grateful  to have achieved. I can’t imagine my lifeContinue reading “Overlooking Happiness in Dance”

Covid Chronicles

It’s pretty surreal to think that, in a few years, history school books will be updated with the events of 2020 and children will be writing exams on our miserable experiences. The chapter of 2020 will be  loaded with hours of events to make sense of and the added challenge of distinguishing the facts andContinue reading “Covid Chronicles”


If Season 2020 wasn’t eventful enough…Vienna was shook by terrorist attacks, Monday 2nd of November at 8pm. The eve of the second lockdown; this Monday night was an opportunity to grab a last ‘after-work’ drink, the daily beer and meal out with friends. For the innocent victims, this really was the last time. In aContinue reading “02112020”

Art Matters

Take a moment and try to imagine what life would be like without the Arts… it’s almost as incomprehensible as trying to imagine how we ever got through life without GPSs and Google Maps. Without having to set foot in a museum or a theatre, we are constantly surrounded by the influence of ‘the Arts’.Continue reading “Art Matters”

There is always a first…

The 10 minutes before a first date, is usually the moment when I regret ever saying ‘yes’. I also resent my punctuality and wish that I’d rather arrived in a ‘fashionably-late’ manner; instead of awkwardly standing here, looking at my blank phone, pretending to be occupied.  At least, I have an escape plan on standby.Continue reading “There is always a first…”