The Live-Stream Solution

When there is a will, there is a way; and we have found ways thanks to the magic of the internet and live streaming technologies. I don’t have to remind anyone of the difficult and unprecedented situation that we have all found ourselves in and I believe that the best way to deal with the situation is with a touch of positivity and a sprinkle of innovation and forward thinking. 

Many people are fortunate enough to be able to continue working from the comfort of their  homes, i.e. Home Office. But with some jobs/professions, working from home can be logistically a bit more complicated than just switching on a laptop; ballet dancers for example. However, desperate times call for desperate measures and that’s why my 12m2 living room is doubling up as a ballet studio/gym. For anyone who’s profession or lifestyle consisted of daily physical activity, this does feel like the end of the world.

In the midst of this ‘apocalypse’, I have been amazed at just how many people are sharing their skills and taking their time to help us all stay active and sane. Even though Pamela Reif (YouTube) is always ready to hit you with a 10min workout, there is nothing like a live stream class to boost the feeling of support and community.


Discovering Danzoom was a blessing for me! The concept and structure is almost like a Dance Academy, and all via the video calling app, ‘Zoom’. Jiří Bubeníček, Otto Bubeníček, Arsen Mehrabyan, Jón Vallejo and José Franco, are the creators of this amazing project. Thanks to them, the classes are scheduled on a well organized timetable and all the classes are taught by professionals and stars of the dance world. And thanks to José Franco, the Ballet classes are always accompanied with beautiful music.


What I especially love about this platform is that you are able to get a full body conditioning, essentially complimenting your Ballet training. Yoga is taught by Roland Havlica and streamed live from Thailand. As he is a former dancer, he tailors the Yoga practice to give maximum benefit for the dancers’ bodies. Pilates (Marco Boschetti) and a full body workout (Jón Vallejo) also has a regular slot on the timetable. They have also included a very unique training: ISO deep regeneration Isometric training, taught by Tigran Mikayelyan. If there is one thing you should learn during this time at home, then it is to properly take care of your body, and I am so happy that this form of training and knowledge is being feeded into the dance world. Also recently added, are cooking classes by Annabelle Dugast (Cookzoom).  (This may be especially good for those of you who’s only social contact has been with your ‘Fodora’ deliverer)

@jiribubenicek @dancezoom_class

Stephane Phavorin, Floor barre

Another little gem for dancers is Stephane Phavorin; a French delicacy in the Ballet world.  He is regularly live on Instagram with the beautiful pianist Shino Takizawa, teaching the Floor Barre Technique. This workout is a lot more difficult than it looks, but Stephane is a perfect example of the amazing results and benefits that Floor barre gives to the body.  Even though he mostly speaks French, his enthusiasm and passion translates into any language.

with @shino.takizawa

Doktor Yoga

For all the Yogis out there – ‘Namaste-ing’ at home – there are more than enough live-streams to keep you in your flow. A personal favorite of mine, has to be ‘Doktor Yoga’ (Studios are in Vienna).  Not all classes are free, so paying members have some exclusivity, however this preserves the feeling of ‘community’ which they have within their studios. Vicktoria Ecker is the founder of Doktor Yoga and the quality of her teaching and practices are beyond comparison and therefore the rest of her team are all incredible instructors as well; radiating with enthusiasm and positivity. They offer a trial class or trial month, at a cheaper price or there are some tutorials/flows available on YouTube, in case I made you curious.


Marcel Clementi

Marcel Clementi is also supporting the Yogi community with free daily Yoga sessions (a donation is always appreciated) as well as the opportunity to apply for private sessions, so he can guide you in to improving your practice. His incredible positive energy adds something very unique and inspirational to his classes. In addition, I really appreciate his genuine and authentic presence on social media, making it very easy to connect with him.  


Nick Pilates

Nick Gravante also continues to share his knowledge with his students via Zoom and is offering a variety of Pilates-based classes: mat-work, barre fitness, stretching and a special pilates for men. (unfortunately I cannot reveal what goes on in those classes!). As a former dancer, he is extremely passionate about the benefits of the Pilates technique and aims to transmit this method in a fresh and positive way.   Your first class is free, and after you pay per session. This way, Nick can focus on his students and provide them with the best possible training, even from a distance.  


Backyard Boxing Club

The team at Backyard Boxing, are also not neglecting their feisty members. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6pm, they are offering free live-stream training (via Instagram and Facebook). In such strange and frustrating times like these, I can’t think of a better way to let off some steam (screaming into my pillow is not as effective anymore). Moving in a more physical and dynamic way is essential to counteract those Netflix binging sessions!


It’s not hard to find an online workout of some sort and most gyms are also providing their members with regular ‘home-workout’ and Crossfit boxes are still hustling with their WODs. There is so much available; ‘lock-down’ is almost not long enough.

 Even though I prefer my flat to stay my ‘chillout-zone’ and I would rather do Ballet – where small space and  furniture is not the main challenge to overcome -and I would also prefer not to use various household objects (wine bottles) as weights. But, if there is one silver-ling, it would be that I can get out of bed at 9:59, ready for my 10am class. 

Yours Truly x

“When there is a will, there is a way.”


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