Chapter 1

“It is a truth universally acknowledged”, that anyone who has something to say, must start a blog.

If there is one woman, who knows how to write an introduction, it’s Jane Austen. Unfortunately, I’m not Jane Austen, I’m not a literature heroine and I haven’t met Mr.Darcy. Nevertheless, my name is Suzan. 

Photo by Petra Sittig

I am originally from Western Cape, South Africa. Although I only spent a short time of my childhood there, I still proudly consider myself South African. It’s the place I feel most at home and the language I most enjoy swearing in. There is a lot I can say about my beautiful homeland but that deserves its own blog entry.

I spent most of my growing up years in the UK, before making my ‘Brexit’ move. I moved from London to Vienna 5 years ago. Since my first day in Vienna, I fell in love with this city. Vienna has everything; culture, parks, a river (with an island), award-winning würstel-stands and it’s just big enough for my sense of direction to cope with.

I avoided the typical ‘WG-Leben’ and found a little studio flat for myself. At first, I relished my new grown-up life and I had the ‘I- am-an-Independent-woman’thing going on. However, it wasn’t long until I discovered my small little mailbox that harbored a whole pile of bills! Nothing hits you with ‘Adult-Life’ harder, than an ‘GIS’ bill!

One down side of living alone is the obvious fact that the flat can get really quiet (apart from the occasional conversations with myself). So I got a little flat-mate, Poppy. She is a mini yorkshire terrier but makes up for her size with her feisty and lovable personality – but still small enough to fit in my bag so she can sneak into ‘Spar’ with me.

My job is a bit unusual as I am a classical Ballet dancer. I hope through this blog, that I can give an insight to my profession and how I approach and deal with various aspects of the ‘job-description’.  But, just as some people are curious about the ‘secret life of ballet’, so I am about the passions and ambitions that the people around me are pursuing. I have been inspired by so many people and I hope to share some of that inspiration through sharing some of my insights and perspectives.  

For now this is all you need to know. 

And, that we will all live happily ever after. 

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“We have all a better guide in ourselves, if we would attend to it, than any other person can be.”

Jane Austen.

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